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About Moana Marketing

Moana Marketing began trading in January 2015. Established by Leigh Moana after recognising the need for an affordable solution for small business owners, who are mostly short of two things… time and money.

Leigh is very passionate about small business, events, marketing, education and helping small business owners achieve their goals.

Who is Leigh Moana?

Leigh has lived on the Gold Coast since 1988 and has a great passion for her home town.

For 8 years Leigh was General Manager for tourism media companies on the Gold Coast, building many strong relationships within the industry.

Prior to tourism, Leigh was Marketing Manager for a local produce company.  

Leigh’s desire to help small business owners achieve their goals inspired her to create Moana Marketing.

Leigh observed that although most business owners know what it was they need to do to ensure the success of their businesses, unfortunately they found there just aren’t enough hours in the day… and above all, budgets are limited.

Therefore, Moana Marketing was developed to solve these problems by offering marketing solutions at an affordable rate. 

Furthermore Leigh has developed a number of training courses to educate small business owners on using social media to increase their awareness and sales.

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