Marketing & Social Media Planner


Keep all your marketing activity in one place! This Marketing & Social Media planner also includes:

  • Password Trackers
  • Web site information sheet
  • Styling Sheet
  • Social Media Content Ideas
  • Key Contacts
  • Company Events
  • Useful Websites
  • Space for Important Notes

PLUS you have your monthly planner for 12 months to help you plan all your marketing activity and social media scheduling.


How many times have you had to go digging through pieces of paper to try and find a password or log-in information for one of your many, many online accounts/platforms/programs?

  Your Marketing & Social Media Planner has two pages of password trackers AND a web information sheet!

Do you have all your styling/branding information in one easy to find central place?

  Your Marketing & Social Media Planner has a styling sheet to keep all your theme colors, fonts etc together!

Have you found yourself struggling to come up with interesting and different content to come up with on your Socials?

  Your Marketing & Social Media Planner has two pages of content ideas & ways to build a relationship with your audience!

Can’t remember where you hosted your last company event? Or how much you paid per person? Or how much your budget was?

  Your Marketing & Social Media Planner has pages for you to track your events for the year to look back on for the following year!

Looking for places for free stock images, to find national days of the year, to find content ideas?

  Your Marketing & Social Media Planner has a useful websites page with some AWESOME sites to help you!

This comprehensive Marketing & Social Media Planner helps bring all your marketing information together in one document to keep handy at all times!

Use the month by month calendar for planning your marketing activity, schedule in:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Articles/Blogs to post for the month
  • Marketing Calls
  • Key days of the month
  • National Days
  • And much more

Will accept Qoin payments for Marketing & Social Media Planners – contact to arrange.


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